TÜV – A Strong Brand

99% know us

That was the result of a representative survey conducted by the renowned Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research in Germany in 2018. Besides the general awareness of the TÜV trademark, the majority of the Germans associate the TÜV name with a very good or good quality of its services.

How do you benefit?

Brand Awareness is important because it gives customers a feeling of familiarity and trust. An established brand does not have to repeatedly prove itself. Well-known brands are automatically associated with certain properties that can influence purchase decisions.

Figures, Data, Facts*

99% of the population are familiar with the TÜV name (spontaneous awareness).

97% are in a position to correctly describe TÜV – actively and in their own words – as a Technical Inspection Association.

The rating given to TÜV by the general public for ‘Quality of services’ is extremely positive. A total of 80% rated the quality as very high or high. Less than 0.5% of the population associated TÜV services with ‘low quality’.

When asked for names of institutions or organisations engaged in technical safety inspections, 80% of the Germans said “TÜV” actively and without any assistance given by a choice of answers […]. That makes TÜV by far the most frequently remembered name for technical inspection associations […].

The active awareness of the TÜV name is therefore by far the highest of all technical inspection associations in Germany.

* Source: Brand Awareness of the TÜV Name – Results of a Representative Survey in Germany, Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, August / September 2018