Environmental Management

ISO 14001

Responsibility for the Environment – Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

The ISO 14001 standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system with which a company can improve its environmental performance, comply with legal requirements and reach sustainability objectives.

The elements of ISO 14001 are:

  • Planning: Identification of the environmental objectives and associated actions
  • Implementation: Implementation of the identified actions
  • Control: Checking the processes and actions for environmental objectives and the environmental policies of the company
  • Improvement: Adaptation and further development of the processes, actions, environmental objectives and environmental policies

ISO 14001 can be implemented in all organisations regardless of type and size. The standard does not establish any absolute requirements for environmental performance. The requirements of the standard can therefore be fulfilled by two similar companies with a different environmental performance.

Good Reasons for Certification to ISO 14001

The introduction of a systematic environmental management gives your company many advantages:

  • Fulfilment of customer requirements
  • Improvement of the sustainability of the company
  • Confirmation of compliance with legal requirements to Top Management
  • Reduction of business risks
  • Better provability in the case of claims
  • Improved corporate image for employees, customers and the general public
  • Systematic reduction of waste, water and energy consumption and the associated saving potentials
  • Simplifications for many environmental permit processes.

TÜV Certification ­– Your advantages with TÜV Saarland Certification

  • Internationally recognised, accredited certification body
  • Personal contact person and individual advice for your company
  • TÜV experts support you in the safe and sustainable implementation of the requirements.
  • The independent assessment by, and experience of, the TÜV experts give a precise and reliable statement on the status quo; potentials will be uncovered and the system will be further enhanced.  Our independent TÜV experts with their comprehensive sector experience will always be there for you and be well informed about all the current standards.
  • With successful certification, you will also benefit from the TÜV trademark that has a very high awareness level on an international scale and in Germany even an awareness level of more than 98%. You can also use our recognised TÜV seal for your marketing and thus stand out from your competitors.

You can also get management system certification to the following standards, often as combined certification: