Quality Management

ISO 9001

The Most Important Standard for Quality Management 

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for a quality management system.  The generic wording of this standard allows an implementation of the standard in any organisation, regardless of the industry or company size. The result is that the business organisation continuously develops and improves.

Innovativeness, differentiation, learning capacity, a well-thought-out product or service range, flexible adaption to changing market conditions and customer needs and, of course, premium quality are today expected from modern companies.

These demanding requirements can be fulfilled by companies by using a systematic quality management. A quality management system using structured and understandable processes and responsibilities is an important and customised element of holistic modern management. It helps to ensure that all quality requirements that a company is expected to fulfil are taken into account.


Your Benefits

  • Proof of application of an international standard
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Better controllability of organisations
  • Sustainable success, greater efficiency and profitability
  • Better involvement of the employees through communication, information and training
  • Corporate image improvement: International proof of quality capability
  • Continuous improvement process

A TÜV Certificate in just a few Steps – The ISO 9001 Certification Process

  • Pre-audit (optional), as an optimum preparation for the certification audit
  • Certification audit stage 1: Readiness assessment
  • Certification audit stage 2: Practical application
  • Granting of the Certificate & TÜV seal and registration in our TÜV Certificate Database
  • Monitoring and continuous optimisation (annually)
  • Re-­certification (every three years)

Your ISO 9001 certification is in capable hands with us. We will assist you during the entire certification process and a contact person will always be available to you.

TÜV ­Certification ­– Your Advantages with TÜV Saarland Certification

  • Internationally recognised, accredited certification body
  • Personal contact person and individual advice for your company
  • TÜV experts support you in the safe and sustainable implementation of the requirements.
  • The independent assessment by, and experience of, the TÜV experts give a precise and reliable statement on the status quo; potentials will be uncovered and the system will be further enhanced. Our independent TÜV experts with their comprehensive sector experience will always be there for you and be well informed about all the current standards.
  • With successful certification, you will also benefit from the TÜV trademark that has a very high awareness level on an international scale and in Germany even an awareness level of more than 98%. You can also use our recognised TÜV seal for your marketing and thus stand out from your competitors.


You can also get management system certification to the following standards, often as combined certification: